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“When I am looking at the world while in stillness, I realise: ‘ it’s all me ‘

When we understand, how we create our own subjective realities, psychologically, physically and vibrationally, then we can become free and a conscious creator of our experiences and wellbeing.  Step out of the gridlock of feeling powerless and a  victim of outside circumstances.

Focus & Attention

You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.

Seth - Jane Roberts


You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.

Abraham - Esther Hicks

The Stance

Spirituality begins, when victimhood ends


Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.

Epictetus - Stoic Philosopher

State of Being

Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters.

Bashar - Darryl Anka

Why Tools for Change?

Change is inevitable. It’s a constant. However, how we choose to change and evolve is important. With ease or struggle. All of us face challenges in life, that force us to grow, change, adapt, learn, expand. At times we need new insights, new answers, and tools that allow us to align back into clarity and wellbeing. Most common challenges:

  1. Health
  2. Finances, Job, Business
  3. Relationships (romantic, friends, family AND the relationship with ourselves)

There are countless self-help books, seminars, rituals, and methods to tackle any of these specific topics. “How to fix a romantic relationship, how to live in abundance, how to heal yourself, how to find your passion, how to deal with your parents, how to raise a child, how to forgive, how to be successful,…and so forth. With Tools of Change, we will explore perspectives, concepts, and tools that are more foundational in nature, and will serve you whatever you are dealing with right now.

What we do

In our Seminars we explore…

  • the dynamic between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and your reality
  • how thoughts turn into things
  • the concepts of rational spirituality
  • how to become more emotionally Independent in your life
  • how we can effectively guide ourselves through ANY challenge
  • some fundamental laws that are underneath the fabric of existence and what the law of attraction got to do with it
  • how to get out of being a victim of circumstances

Main Modules of our Seminars


Learn about the role and function of your emotions, and how you can use them as part of your inner compass. Learn to become more emotionally independent from people and the circumstances and situations in your life. Learn how emotions can be a choice and how to choose them more deliberately and create a higher level of wellbeing, which will ultimately lead to manifesting a better life.

Beliefs & Reality

‘You create your reality with your beliefs’. Quite literally. Learn how to look at different aspects of realities, and understand better how life works looking at the existential, the factual and the personal reality. Learn how to change unnecessary fear based beliefs, create more deliberately the reality you prefer. Know Thyself – explore your own belief systems and become self-aware.


Acquire easy to apply and effective tools that empower you to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. New perspectives and a better understanding of how life unfolds will teach you how to act and react much more constructively and deliberately.

Is this for you?

If you are generally interested in how belief systems work, how the law of attraction plays out in the way we create our own reality, if you are interested in how a more rational look at spiritual concepts can enrich the way you see yourself and the world, and if your are keen to sit firmly in the driver’s seat of your life, then yes, this is for you. If you are longing for finding ways to get to know yourself better, then this is for you. If you can’t wait to be more emotionally grounded towards what happens in your life and in this world, then yes, this is for you too. If you insist on the idea that others are responsible for your happiness and for what happens in your life, and if you rule out completely the idea that beyond the 5 senses there might be more than what we perceive, then maybe, you might not fully enjoy the material presented 😉

Ready for Clarity?
Retreats & Private Sessions

Join our week-end retreat & workshops in Bali, or book a private session

Weekend Retreat & Seminar

Next in Feb 2023

Fr 4pm – Su 2pm

Lotus Bungalows, Candidasa

  • Arrival Fr 16:00, end Su 14:00
  • Candidasa, Bali
  • 2 days, 14h Intensive Seminar & Coaching

1.5h Private Session

USD 190

  • first 15min free introduction
  • Video Call or in person in Bali
  • Get insights and Tools on any topic
  • Audio Recording



Michael Strobel

Michael has been assisting people to improve their lives and get more clarity about who they are and who they want to be since more than 20 years. He has been trained in hypnotherapy, past-life and in-between-lives regression, and studied the work of stoic philosophers,  psychoanalysts, and the channeled’ material from Seth, Bashar, and Abraham Hicks. He extracted from these sources, his experiences with his clients, and his own personal life experiences insights about what he calls  the ‘underlying fabric of (human) existence’. He explains in plain words, how we can improve our lives and level of wellbeing in any topic. He is a father of three and lives in Bali and Germany.


“It was the journey of my life, where I finally stood before “myself” and experienced the purpose of my existence. Namely to recognize who I really am. Michael is a wonderful guide who gently takes you on your one way.

……and suddenly there is so much light………”

“It was really refreshing and empowering to see and learn how my beliefs and the way I saw myself and the world around me hindered me to live a much happier life. Once I embraced that the things don’t just happen to me…I felt liberated and lots of weight on my shoulders lifted.”

“Michael assisted me in navigating through several tough challenges in my life. I learned to react more constructively to these challenges and understood how my beliefs ignited the emotions that caused so much resistance within me to see what was really at play. Each time I found the clarity I needed.”

“I spent a weekend with Michael where he shared with us, how our thoughts determine what we feel. Understanding this very simple concept helped me greatly to make much needed changes in my life. “

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