From inside-out

To change the world for the better, you must begin by changing your own life. There is no other way.

Seth – Jane Roberts

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“Just be yourself “, they say.

“Be in the Now”, they say.

“Let the feminine within you shine”, they say.

“Meditate”, they say.

“Let the masculine within you shine”, they say.

“Change is created from inside out”, they say.

“Follow your intuition”, they say.

Face your traumas and shadows”, they say.

“Embrace your inner child”, they say.

…but what does this all mean?

What does it mean, to be myself? What is intuition actually and can I really be guided by my guts effectively?

With ‘Tools for Change’ we will look at those wonderful but often not-so helpful and sometimes confusing statements and turn them into clear concepts and align them with tools that bring meaning and understanding.

What we will explore…

You will Learn

  • that we create our reality, and how we create our reality
  • the concepts of personal reality, physical reality, and cosmic reality
  • the role of beliefs in the formula of creating ones reality
  • The role of emotions and how to reflect upon them, and change them if necessary
  • how to  react more constructively to whatever comes your way
  • how to create more what you prefer
  • how to show up as a more self-accepting, responsible and balanced person
  • how to engage in more meaningful and balanced relationships

The approach is a blend of psychological, philosophical and some spiritual concepts related to or supporting the core idea, that we all create our own reality – which some know as the ‘Law of Attraction’. In that concept, the idea is that our lives are a mirror reflections predominantly of our inner selves – all my experiences, all what I perceive… “It’s all Me”.

Know Thyself

A major key to becoming a more conscious and deliberate creator of your life, is to know yourself. The idea of ‘Know Thyself’ is woven into many philosophical, spiritual, religious and also psychoanalytical schools of thoughts. That ‘self’ that you experience as being “you” is a composition of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions, and words in relationship to what happened, to what happens right now, and to what you assume might happen in the future. It is crucial to understand how your own mind works, your own beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are interlinked and shape your perception of your experience and also how they are part of how you attract and manifest experiences. Something that becomes apparent when one looks at their re-occurring patterns in life. You can not have a negative emotion without having some form of thought or opinion that precedes the emotion (anger, frustration, hate, sadness, etc).  Because humans are often overwhelmed by their emotions or to the other extreme do everything to distract and suppress emotions, they rarely become aware and question the underlying thoughts and opinions that triggered the negative feeling. So it is essential to become to a certain extent self-aware, to understand why we think what we think, and therefore why we feel what we feel. Then we can actively and consciously change thoughts and emotions. Emotions become more and more a choice. In life, many people are convinced that they have little control over what happens in their life let alone control over their emotions. But truth of the matter is, that once we understand more about how we can become our own neutral observers, we will realise how much choice we have over all aspects of our lives.

Having a Choice

Life is a continuous process of growth and expansion. And challenges and situations that we don’t prefer will be part of our ongoing journey; so it’s beneficial to understand how to respond to them constructively. It’s therefore essential to understand clearly, that this is where we own the true power of the moment – that in any moment we have a choice how we wish to react to a situation. As a creator or a victim, constructively or destructively. Understanding that we have a choice comes with a responsibility. Because the more we have a choice, the less we can make others responsible for how we feel, how we handle something, how we respond to it, and what happens to us. And that’s tough for some. Some feel uncomfortable with that responsibility, because it is so much easier to blame the spouse, the weather, the mother, the teachers, the politicians, the moon and star constellation, the banking system, the boss, the hormons, the genes,…for our miseries. To blame something or someone else is a form of victimhood. It’s not just disempowering as a reaction to life, it’s also one of the greatest psychological trap and lie.

Rational Spirituality

In addition to the psychological aspect and dynamic of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, in the ‘Tools for Change’ modules we will explore what many have labeled the ‘Law of Attraction’. In essence it says:

  • You create your own reality
  • You get what you focus upon
  • Your life goes where your attention goes.
  • Everything we experience is attracted, consciously or unconsciously.

Once we open ourselves up to the idea, that we are not just psychological and biological beings interacting with the 3 dimensional world, but that we are actually vibrational beings operating in a vibrational uni(multi)verse, then it becomes even more apparent how important it is, to deliberately think, and become aware of ones own belief system. It does not matter at this point if you fully believe in spirituality or fully believe that we attract and manifest everything in our lives, and that the outside world is somewhat a mirror-reflection of our ‘Self’. First, we will neutrally look at this concept, its roots and interpretations. We will explore how it logically works and free it from spiritual dogmas and superstitious interpretations. We will boil it down to something tangible and applicable so that you can effectively create change in your life. Then you can make up your own mind, if this perspective has the power to further enrich your life. If it is true that we are the makers of all our experiences and we do have much more control over our lives than we know, then to ‘Know Thyself’ becomes even more important.

The Key is in the mind

In the workshops and sessions we will look deeply into the role of the mind, when it comes to overcoming challenges and creating more wellbeing. When you experience anything, you will interpret it and give it any kind of meaning. What we call our reality is to a large extend our very subjective interpretation of our experiences based on the beliefs we have, based on previous experiences and based on opinions we have gathered that came from outside sources that we trusted. Since emotions are a result of our interpretations of events, which are basically our thoughts, our wellbeing depends largely on “what we think about something”. We feel based on what we think. And if what we think is mainly based on fear based belief systems, which is true for many of us, then all our emotions, and then words and actions are geared towards managing this fear, avoiding the reasons for the fear, and not based on passion, compassion, expansion and growth. Therefore, if we are not willing nor skilled enough to engage in self-reflection and understanding our own thoughts, and how our beliefs are connected with our emotions, then we will never truly get control over our life and wellbeing. But, when we understand how we all literally create our own reality, then we have the key in your hand to initiate real change.


The core aim of this workshop is to assist you to be “aligned”. That means, to become centered, balanced and calm – regardless of what happens or happened in your life. To align with ones own inner guidance system, to align with clarity about the self and others, to align with ancient knowledge and wisdom that is cleared from dogma and superstition. All of us are going through processes, and these processes are necessary to grow, to become more mature, to turn experiences into knowledge and then into wisdom. There are no real shortcuts to growing as a person, or if you wish to call it “to enlighten yourself”. Enlightenment in any case is not working like a light switch, it’s more like a “dimmer wheel switch”, that works gradually. And we will grow and become more “enlightened” until we take our last breath. And until that magical moment in time, we will go through processes. And once we learned how to align ourselves again and again, we will be able to reduce and eliminate unnecessary hardship and suffering while we go through these processes and we can establish a higher and more permanent level of wellbeing. Because there is no need for and no benefit in suffering and sacrifice. There is nothing noble about it. Suffering will only teach us one day, that it is not necessary to suffer. And with ‘Tools for Change’ the willing and open minded listener will learn some foundational insights, that will allow him or her to walk their life with more grace and joy and much less suffering and hardship. It takes however one conviction…to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and happiness. 

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Focus & Attention

You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.

Seth - Jane Roberts


You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.

Abraham - Esther Hicks

The Stance

Spirituality begins, when victimhood ends


Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.

Epictetus - Stoic Philosopher

State of Being

Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters.

Bashar - Darryl Anka